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A Mother’s Love is Forever

Mother's Day

There have been many, many prayers this week for a family member who lost a brother. My heart breaks for the entire family, but my thoughts today are especially with his mother. I am blessed to know some amazing mothers, and some of those have suffered unspeakable loss. Some got to hold their children for longer than others, and some never got to hold their children at all. Mother’s Day is so much more than poetic cards and flowers. Mother’s Day celebrates the true meaning of a mother: someone whose love is forever, even when her heart is aching.

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In my quest for great Japanese food in Fort Worth, I was pretty jazzed to see that Hanami is finally open in Bedford! We were actually on our way to Adam Smith’s Texas Harley to see what new awesome goodies I needed and we saw the sign…a big giant “Now Open” balloon flying high above Hanami’s!!!

There were four of us for lunch and they seated us right away at one of the hibachi tables. Our chef did the usual hibachi show, but for me, it really is about the food. ♥ We ordered the gyoza, which came out right away and was fine. We also ordered the Popcorn Lobster roll, which we never got, even though we asked about it three times. The soup that comes with the meal was also good, but the salad was literally drowning in dressing, so I didn’t finish it.


I ordered the Filet and Mahi combo, and the filet was tasty, but the Mahi was overcooked.The vegetables were fresh and perfectly seasoned and my hubby liked the fried rice. I ordered a glass of wine with lunch and it came out after we had already started eating. Since there was only one other table in the place, I think this could have been a little more prompt. The same with my sweetie’s iced tea – it was empty for quite a while.


The highlight of the meal for me was the Tempura Battered Cheesecake – wow!! One dessert and three of us couldn’t finish it. 2 large pieces of fried cheesecake, a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream with a cherry, and chocolate and caramel drizzled over everything! I’m not sure about the carrots as garnish, but it sure did look pretty! All this crispy yumminess for $4!! We might even make a trip back up there on the Harley one night just for dessert!!


All in all, I was looking to be wowed – and I wasn’t. The food was average, but average isn’t necessarily bad, right? I will give Hanami another try – I’ve heard great things about their Bento Boxes and I know there are always kinks to be worked out when a restaurant first opens. I’ve been by a few times since our visit and the parking lot looks full, so it looks like I’m not the only one excited to have hibachi in the area. Get on the bikes and getcha some wind therapy – the ride goes on forever!

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What a Difference a Day Makes (or Weather in Texas)

Saturday was a beautiful day for a ride! We have been blessed with a good amount of rain lately, which is awesome, but not conducive to me getting on a motorcycle, so we were especially looking forward to the warm, dry weather all day Saturday! Early morning texts were sent and forwarded, and our group loaded up and headed to Stephenville for some Hard Eight BBQ. This ride is actually a double bonus – not only can we take some beautiful back roads to get there, but the food is pretty awesome, too!

Hard Eight BBQ

Hard Eight BBQ

The huge BBQ pits are out front, and the very helpful cooks will slice up exactly what you order – a thick slice of sirloin, 2 pork ribs, 2 shrimp poppers and a giant smoked pork chop dipped in butter. (This may or may not have been my order on Saturday, so don’t be hatin’!) Their beans are free and get better as the day goes on, and the banana pudding should never, ever be missed, no matter how full you are. But I digress….

After lunch, we took a nice, leisurely ride back to Fort Worth – all back roads and wonderful scenery and small towns. Absolutely wonderful riding with not a cloud in the sky and temperatures nearing 90 degrees as we passed through Dublin, TX – famous for being the former home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant – and a beautiful Veterans’ Memorial Park.

Dublin Veterans' Memorial We knew there was a storm front coming in on Sunday, but I think even the weather folks were a little surprised at the severity. Tornadoes and wind shears were the most dangerous, but the hail storm pictures show the most contrast to the weather we had just the day before… yep, that is hail on the ground – not snow.

Dublin TX Hard to believe this was taken in the same little town less than 24 hours after we rode through there. Get out and getcha some wind therapy, folks – and enjoy each day as it comes. You just never know how different things might be tomorrow. 

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Gettin’ My Ocean Fix in the Hill Country

Banner_1640x730_YachtClub1Spring is here and it’s time to get some serious riding in! The Road Glide is in the shop for a little Spa Day, but she’ll be home this afternoon, all lubed and ready to go! We did a fabulous trip recently to Horseshoe Bay Resort, and man did we have a wonderful weekend! The Texas Hill Country has some amazing scenery and riding, and we manage to sneak down there a couple of times a year. Some of the trips we rent a large house and take a group. Some of the trips we all rent separate hotel rooms and enjoy the pool in the evening. This trip was a new one for us – first time at this resort, and it was awesome! My bestie knows that I have to have my Ocean Fix or I become more than a little crazy, so she did some research and found out that these folks have created a man-made beach on the property.

What a great surprise it was for me when we walked down by the Yacht Club and there was my Ocean Fix right there! And apparently, everyone knew but me. What great friends we have!


We are gonna miss out on their annual Hill Country Anniversary Ride next weekend, but we’ll be with them in spirit. Hope they have as much fun on the next trip as we did on the last trip. XOXOXO

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Turner Falls, OK – Part 2

Turner Falls Park

After a couple of curve balls from Mother Nature, we finally made it to Turner Falls this weekend! Rain Friday afternoon kept us from leaving when we had planned and pending thunderstorms kept us home until Saturday morning.

After a quick breakfast, we jumped on the Harley and headed north. The weather was wonderful and there was no traffic – just the way I like to travel!  🙂

Almost there, we took a little side trip when my hubby saw a freeway sign that said Ardmore Industrial Airpark. About 6 miles off the freeway is what we eventually discovered is the now defunct Ardmore Air Force Base. There is a pretty awesome memorial site immediately on the left after you enter the gates – so worth it to stop by and sign their guest book and read the monuments. You can also read some online remembrances here – very cool.

Turner Falls was right around the corner then, so it didn’t take us any time from there. After we paid the $7 park entry fee, we immediately noticed that the slide area didn’t look anything like the photo above. The idea is awesome – huge slides and a great swim area, but I’m sure that the water level made the slide unsafe. I’m not sure if it was the water level or the water temperature, but this area was empty. We rode around the rest of the park, just to kind of check things out. Plenty of cabins, clustered together, so groups would work if it is possible to get reservations together. We did see an separate bath house building, so I’m not sure if the cabins have showers inside or not. Unfortunately, the only info on the website says to call about cabin rental. There were hiking trails, picnic tables, enclosed pavilion areas, a couple of snack shacks and a general store – so pretty comprehensive for amenities.

Since we did see signs that said quiet hours started at 10 pm, I’m pretty sure this would be a better destination for family camping. We are still in search of the perfect place for a big group of our Harley riding buddies – and the ones that don’t! 🙂  Go getcha some wind therapy!!

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